Our mentorship program has one goal: Make a difference in the life of one person through music, arts, or simple human-to-human connection with a little help from our DMAC Mentors. We strive to build bridges between the existing population of established Denton artists, and the growing new-to-the-community individuals who crave the opportunity to participate in the local creative community. Our Mentorship Program includes:


·      Partnering with community organizations to to find students with passion for the arts, and helping them forge a path to creative success

·      Offering guidance, conversation, and mapping of their goals to help them succeed in their chosen area of interest

·      Providing them with tools they can use to develop their craft, whether it be musical instruments, canvas, or paintbrushes – we want to make sure that our mentees aren’t limited by an inability to afford supplies


For more information about our Mentorship Program, please email