President - Nic Bagherpour

Nic was born and raised in Wichita Falls, but his family has deep roots in Denton. Music has been one of his lifelong passions, viola being his first musical instrument. He then picked up the guitar in his early teens like almost every other dude in the country. He moved to Denton in 2004 on his 25th birthday, and part of what inspired him to move to Denton was the music scene and the fact that some of his favorite bands are from Denton. Nic co-founded DMAC with Andy Knapik and a handful of their friends and 35 Denton colleagues in 2017, the first meetings were potlucks at Nic’s house. He lives in north Denton with his wife and their three dogs Radha (aka “Baby Girl”), Annie (aka “Annie Banannie”) and Digby (aka “Doofus”). He is very well known for his ability to smoke brisket.


Senior Vice President - Jennifer McNatt

Jennifer is a small-business owner who moved to Denton in 2003 to get a degree at TWU. Having happily never resisted Denton’s charming gravitational pull, she both raised her child here as a single parent and fell in love with a musician who is part of its unique music community. Because of her passion for people and love of the arts, she has volunteered for 35 Denton, Thin Line Film Festival, and Denton Freedom House. While not a musician or artist herself, she is a dedicated supporter of both and very proud to be a part of the work of DMAC and serves on DMAC’s partner committee, You Are Here. If you run into her on the street, she’ll most definitely have a smile for you!


Vice President - Bruce Burns

Bruce moved to Denton in December of 1993 and earned a B.S. degree in Emergency Administration and Planning in 1997. Thereafter, Bruce embarked on what culminated into a 22 year career with a local railroad contractor. After marrying in 2005, Bruce and his wife had their first and only child. After years of early childhood complications she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in March of 2009. Later that year, Bruce (also known as "Colonel Burns") aired his inaugural “Colonel Burns Honky Tonk Hour” on KUZU's AM predecessor. Since 2017, his show airs every Wednesday night on 92.9 KUZU. Bruce's love for Denton music and arts, as well as his personal experiences with healthcare led him to get involved with DMAC in the Spring of 2018. As an avid supporter of the Denton music and arts scene, he now serves as DMAC’s Vice President and directs his efforts on community engagement, fundraising, membership recruiting, and event coordination.


Secretary - eMott

eMott is a recurring Dentonite whose love for the community’s unique visual arts and music scene has brought her to call this place home time and again. As a visual artist, former art educator, and self-proclaimed “music nerd”, she was eager to get involved with an organization that supports the artists and musicians that help make Denton the creative hub that it is. Having lost a loved one -who happened to be a Denton artist and musician without healthcare coverage- to cancer, she felt especially called to volunteer with DMAC and join in the organization’s mission to strengthen artists’ lives by subsidizing healthcare. She currently works at the University of North Texas Music Library archiving local music while she pursues her Master of Library and Information Science degree.


Treasurer - Matt Mars

Matt moved to Denton in 2002, and soon after he found himself quick friends with many of the local artist and Musicians. With the realization he had no musical ability he found ways to use his organizational, technical and problem solving skills among the local Denton artists. He was the Director of Operations at 35 Denton (NX35), and has also volunteered for Thin Line Film Festival, Holiday Lighting and just about any event that he can get involved with. When not volunteering he works as an Engineer in Carrolton, Texas and loves to travel.


PR Director - Wally Campbell

Wally arrived in Denton August of 1989 to attend one University and In 1997 he began his career with the other University across town. He has been involved in the Denton music scene since his arrival, playing in many bands -- some notorious, some noteworthy. In addition to playing music he has worked with many local music festivals at various levels of involvement including 35Denton (NX35), Holiday Lighting, and Thin Line Film Festival. Wally feels that serving as the PR Director for DMAC will be his greatest contribution to local music and art. He lives in Denton with his wife and dog Boomerang and is always willing to help when called.


Development director -  Andy Folmer

Andy Folmer (one of the three “Andys” of DMAC) lives in Carrollton but most people think he lives in Denton based on his time spent volunteering here. Knowing his love for music and festivals, his son Danny Folmer (a local musician), encouraged him to volunteer for 35 Denton. This led to serving as a volunteer for Thin Line Film Festival on the music side, and volunteering for Friends With Benefits on their event days. His overall love for the artists of Denton and concern about their healthcare led him to become involved in DMAC, and he currently serves as their Director of Operations. When he is isn’t volunteering in Denton or sleeping, he is a commercial real estate broker and proud grandfather of four.


Program Director - Aubrey Mortensen

Aubrey started using a fake ID when she was 14 to sneak into shows and photograph bands in Denton. She got away with it for almost 5 years before people stopped calling her “Holly”. She moved to Denton in 2001 and began serving as a volunteer for the SPCA, Keep Denton Beautiful and The Community Market. In 2010, she started booking talent and worked for multiple venues in the area. As a Graphic Designer and photographer - married to a local musician and Graphic Designer, she knows how hard it is for musicians and artists to access affordable health care. While at an event, she overheard a conversation about the beginnings of DMAC and started attending meetings. She now serves as the Program Director and Co-Director of its partner program, You Are Here. She is a mom of two boys and overly fond of cats.


Media Director - Andy Odom

Andy Odom has lived in Denton for almost 20 years. Or, just over 20 years, he lost count. He graduated from UNT and got sucked into the Denton wormhole, from which he fortunately has never managed to escape. He’s a former musician and continued regular at local shows. He has served as a volunteer and participated in multiple organizations such as 35 Denton Music Festival, TechMill, Greater Denton Arts Council and the Instant Film Society. Andy currently serves as the Media Director for DMAC and in his day job, he’s a marketing director for a large financial company and a photography enthusiast. He cares for Apple Jacks a great deal.


operations Director - Brad Steiger

Brad was raised in a very musical family with both parents being professional musicians. He moved to Denton in 1998, being drawn by the thriving art and music scene, and to attend the University of North Texas. He spent much of the 2000’s playing in touring bands and later transitioned to the business community. He has spent the last 10 years with Little Guys Movers, a local moving company that is also heavily involved in the support of musicians and artists as they employ many of them. He is the former Board Chair for the Denton Chamber of Commerce’s Business Networking Program and is also involved in the Flower Mound and Frisco Chambers. Brad has volunteered with many of the amazing local events and shows Denton puts together and currently serves as DMAC’s Development Director and may make a rare appearance on stage from time to time.

Photos by Simone Carter